Monday, February 20, 2006

Case Western Snowball 2006

Jazz vocalist Cody Wood kept their feet moving at Snowball 2006 held at Myers University Club on February 17. He was backed by the Northcoast Jazz Collective, one of the top jazz groups in Cleveland. The group was followed by high intensity DJ dance music. Organized by the Case Western Reserve University Class Officers, the semi-formal dance included a fashion show.

Cody is a Case biomedical engineering junior. He is double majoring in music with voice and violin as his instruments. The American songbook of standards is voiced to the times by his phrasing and rhythm backed by the sound of the Northcoast Jazz Collective. The responsive audience of several hundred kept the place swirling with dance and light hearted chatter and laughter, and plates of delicious foods moved about the room.

Northcoast Jazz Collective is comprised of Mark Grey on drums, Dan Maier, piano, and John Gallo on acoustic bass, pictured from left with Cody Wood on right. Dave Frank was missing Friday night on tenor saxophone, soprano sax and flute. (

Kimberly Deininger, Senior Class Secretary, pictured below left, made a lot of the arrangements for Snowball 2006, along with the other Case class officers. Senior Class president Ryan Novince, below left, leads on the dance floor and has led many other Case class and school events. Ryan is pictured with Cody Wood, Junior Class Treasurer. Other Senior Class officers include Vice President Pavan Thangudu and Treasurer LeighAnn Searfoss. Junior Class officers are President Elyse Moretti, Vice President Peter Chung, and Secretary Irene Makovey, along with Wood. Sophomore Class Officers are President Adam Rupe, Vice President Vicky Apostolopoulos, Secretary Jennifer Nelson, and Treasurer Marissa Calcagno. Freshman officers are President Divya Rachakonda, Vice President David Leon Gordon, Secretary Anita Sadhu, and Treasurer Jennie Brinkman.

The Case Class Officers thank all of the dance and fashion show sponsors and participants including Myers University Club, American Commodore Tuxedos, Michael Christopher Salon, Dino Palmeri Salon, Catan Fashions, Fabrice Dongo, Hair in Motion, Northcoast Jazz Collective, Galaxy Balloons, Suzanne Leach, Joe Gutowski, Jim Garrison, Konstantin Damm, and all of the models who made the fashion show possible.

All of the Case Class Officers are pictured at right prior to the fashion show except Cody Wood. In front row Senior Class Officers are from left, Pavan Thangudu, LeighAnn Searfoss, Kimberly Deininger, and Ryan Novince. Directly behind are Junior class officers Irene Mackovey and Peter Chung. Third row: Adam Rupe, Divya Rachakonda, Jennifer Nelson, and Vicky Apostolopoulos. Fourth row: Jennie Brinkman and Anita Sadhu. Back: Eleyse Moretti, David Leon Gordon, and Marissa Calcagno.


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